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Nate McCormick is the guitarist and singer for the up and coming Eastern Shore trio, Native Tongue.  As a solo artist, Nate incorporates various instrumentation and effects into his shows - basing performances off a phrase sampler/looper.  With an eclectic array of influences and a broad range of experience, his shows combine progressive levels of energy and feeling - and Nate makes music through a choreography of sorts, layer by layer.  Each performance becoming unique and special, as they’re all constructed right before your eyes and ears.  Although he's not the only one out there using this type of approach to making live music - he's got a performance style that's decidedly original and unique. 



Nates was an interesting musical journey and upbringing.  Born in northern Delaware, raised in  Delaware (All 3 Counties), lived briefly in PA, spent almost a decade around Baltimore, and finally returned to the eastern shore beaches to be closer with family and regroup musically. Story goes:  a Punk trio turned into a Metal quintet - that band switched gears on into a 4 piece jam band which then evolved into a trio - where the looping became a big part of the sound. These days, Nate's using that tool as the main brain of the act; and making the sound his own.  Touring mainly throughout the east coast;  casts eventually evolved as band members made their own personal moves. Nate continues the journey onward to play and write original music. Either in a loop based format, or with the band, he continues to play throughout the area regularly and addidng new venues or festivals to the roster all the time.


p.s.    Yes. I know you know It's me writing about me.  Just play along. At least there's some restraint on embellishments.





“With a musical technique called looping, he can enhance his sound by creating multiple layers to his live music, making it seem as though there is a full band when it’s just him performing with his guitar and various foot pedals laid out before him.”

Craig Horleman - Delaware State News

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